Workshops on sustainable development

For many years Helena Imminga-Berends has been giving workhops on sustainable development, for French and Dutch speaking participants of the so called Infocycle of the Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC, now ENABEL).

Role play of an international negotiation on climate change

Bravo Belgium for inviting 100 participants every month, during 4 weekends, and offering them lectures and interactive sessions on a great number of subjets relating to the developing world and the North- South relations.

For her workshops, Helena asked participants to work (beforehand) on a e-learning lesson she had prepared for them. Then, together in Brussels, a high level of participation and interaction was always the result. See more about the participatory methods Helena developed and used on this page: Participatory methods. For the e-learning course, Helena followed an excellent training given by the University of Louvain.

Presentation des plans pour la nature a Mayotte

Debat Greenpeace x Lomborg

Presentatie van de plannen van de Vissers voor Mayotte

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